BMW E46 M3 & E39 M5 Oval Rear View Mirror Auto-Dimming Replacement Glass Cell

BMW E46 M3 & E39 M5 Oval Rear View Mirror Auto-Dimming Replacement Glass Cell

BMW E46 M3 & E39 M5 Oval Rear View Mirror Auto-Dimming Replacement Glass Cell
Replacement Brand NEW AutoDimming Mirror Glass Cell for Oval Rear View Mirrors! Suitable for E39 & E46 Oval Rear View mirrors (from M3/M5 models etc). If you own a E46 M3 or E39 M5 and haven't experienced a rear view mirror failure chances are good that you will experience such an issue down the road. I was unfortunate as my interior trim was ruined by the failure of my mirror in my E46 M3. Was a big inconvenience when it first happened, now our company is able to offer other BMW owners a less painful experience by being able to offer a full repair service for the oval Mirror by replacing the failed auto-dimming mirror glass!

Liquid appears behind glass, there is a wave/fluid level behind the glass. (see below image of a failed mirror). Damaged/Ruined interior surface (typically around the gear level trim). I've owned a E46 M3 and my rear view mirror failed and so have thousands of other BMW owners globally. This is nor economical, cost effective, or environmentally sound to throw/dispose of a whole BMW mirror just because 1 component has failed...

THEREFORE OUR REPLACEMENT GLASS MAKES COMPLETE SENSE! Below is some info about how the mirrors work. What is an electrochromic mirror and how does it work? An auto dimming mirror is comprised of two pieces of glass that are slightly overlapped on the edges, sealed together and have a transparent conductive gel or fluid injected between the layers of glass. A mirror coating is applied to the rear portion of the glass and when a very low voltage is applied to the overlapped edges of the glass the gel darkens and reduces the amount of light transmitted and eliminates glare. An electronic circuit board is attached to the rear of the mirror with wire leads soldered to the edges of the glass.

There are two photocells (light sensors) - one facing out the front windshield and one facing the rear of the car. If a sufficient amount of light is hitting the forward facing sensor the mirror will conclude that it's daytime and will not dim the glass, regardless of what the rear facing sensor sees. As it starts to get dark outside the forward sensor sees less light - concludes it's night-time and when the rear facing sensors sees any light behind the car the voltage flow is opened and the mirror begins to dim. The level of dimming is determined by the combination of light levels the two sensors are detecting.

How do the mirrors fail? The failure of the mirrors is due to a manufacturing defect by the company whom manufactured the special auto dimming mirror glass for BMW. The mirrors are sealed along the edges of glass and over time the seal breaks down and eventually fails, allowing the fluid to escape which is replaced by air. The amount of fluid that escapes and whether it begins to leak depends on where the seal breach is located.

If the seal fails on the bottom of the mirror the fluid is going to escape a lot more quickly than if it's on the top. In most cases it takes a few years for the seal to fail - the environment that the car is in can have an impact on how long the mirrors last.

Heat is known to accelerate the process so if you live in a hot climate and park your car outside in the sun for extended periods your mirror is going to fail sooner. MANY BMW OWNERS WHO EXPERIENCE MIRROR FAILURE ESPECIALLY IN WARM CLIMATES, END UP HAVING DAMANGED INTERIOR TRIM.

We offer in this listing advert a brand new latest generation OEM specification replacement Mirror Glass Cell allowing you to DIY repair your failed mirror. Our glass cell we supply you is manufactured to a superior standard than the original prone to fail mirror cell that BMW used. BRAND NEW Latest Gen OEM Spec Auto dimming mirror glass. The original E39 and E46 Oval mirrors.....

It's not a case of IF your mirror will fail it is a case of WHEN, if you want to prevent your interior from being ruined then its highly advisable to change to this latest generation of OEM spec auto-dimming glass. ALL STOCK DISAPTCHED SAME DAY FOR ORDERS BY 3:30PM. The item "BMW E46 M3 & E39 M5 Oval Rear View Mirror Auto-Dimming Replacement Glass Cell" is in sale since Thursday, September 14, 2017.

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BMW E46 M3 & E39 M5 Oval Rear View Mirror Auto-Dimming Replacement Glass Cell